3Days Central Uganda Cultural Experience

The central region is dominated by the Bantu group specifically the Baganda.
The Buganda monarchy presents one of the best documentation of Kingship in Uganda. The head of the state is the King locally known as Kabaka. The current King of Buganda, His Highness Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II was crowned the 36th Kabaka of Buganda in1993 after his father Sir Edward Mutesa II who died in exile.
The kingdom also constitutes a Parliament known as Lukiiko, comprising mainly elderly heads of its 52 clans. Other people who occupy important positions in the Kingdom include the Queen (Nabagereka), the Prime Minister (Katikiro), the Royal Sister (Nalinya) and the Queen Mother (Namasole)
Traditional Dances
Buganda is renowned for her distinct ceremonial occasions organized for observance, commemoration, inauguration, remembrance or fulfillment of cultural rituals and norms. Some of the commonly (highly recognized) ceremonies in Buganda include: the initiation of twins (okwalula abalongo), the introduction (okwanjula) and the last funeral rite (okwabya olumbe).
It was easier to become polygamous in Buganda than in other parts of Uganda. This was because the bride wealth obligations were not prohibitive unlike before when marriage used to be conducted by parents. For instance, the father the girl could choose a husband for her without availing her any alternatives.
Matooke (banana of the plantain type) is a popular local dish among the Baganda. It is pealed, tied in banana leaves and put in a cooking pan with enough water to steam the the leaves. Later on, the bundle is removed and squeezed to get a smooth soft and golden yellow mash. The banana leaves are used to keep it hot and steamy

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