Northern Uganda Culture Tour

The northern region is also a melting pot of quite a number of tribes including: Acholi, Langi, Alur, Madi Kakwa, Ik, Karamajong and Lugbara among others.
The Acholi and Langi tribes are predominant in this region and they predominantly depend on agriculture as their economic activity, with millet and sorghum serving as staple foods.
Marriage and Family Life
Traditionally a young man depends upon his lineage head and elders both for permission to marry and for the material goods required for the bride wealth; elders of the bride's lineage were also much involved in the discussions and negotiations surrounding the marriage.
Naleyo dance is performed by the Karamajongs where women line up and men strike their chest using fingers as they dance. The Karamajongs are s pastoral community in the north eastern Uganda.
The Raka Raka dance is a famously known dance performed by the Acholi tribe on most of the occasions and celebrations.
Akaro: This is made from combination of sorghum, millet and cassava flour mingled in a proportionate quantity of water.
Malakwang: A sour vegetable usually prepared with groundnut paste to form a typical northern meal. Malakwang is best served with sweet potatoes. Other foods include: smoked fish and Ugali.

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